Dynamic Content

In creating a blog you automatically have a dynamic system.  Each time you add a new blog posting you give your readers a reason to come back for more.   If you create a website you need to make sure to make it dynamic - if you don't people may end up on your site but they have no reason to come back for more.

As affiliate manager affiliates will often tell me - I am not earning any money!  I was doing fine six months ago - I HAVEN'T changed a thing!  Ta da - there is your problem - you have not changed a thing.

The answer to your problem - Change Something!  Why would I want to come back to the same old boring site time after time day after day - same image after same image....I won't.

Dynamic - if its a blog - keep blogging.  Tweet or mention your new posts in Facebook etc.  You have to have an audience in order to have any one to read - or buy.  Gain a following and all good stuff will happen - as long as you continue to entertain or enlighten - give them something of value.

Blogs - keep updated.
Sites - add new content often

Example - a News Feed
How to create -
1. Google or Bing News Search Results
2. At the end of the Google or Bing page click on the RSS feed button
3. Copy the resulting URL
4.  Go to an RSS feed to javascript site such as Feed2Rss.org
5.  Paste the RSS URL from Google or Bing into the build it box
6.  Copy the resulting code
7.  Paste the code into your site or blog under the edit HTML tab
8.  note that a blog can not show this unless it is a page - such as here - this is a page of a blog and therefore functions properly

Result - My News Feed for Family History in 3-4 minutes
Give it a try - come back here for a few days - these news feed will be unique each time you arrive - it is now a dynamic blog even If I never visit my blog ever again.