Deep Linking

So what is Deep Linking?
For years I have been preaching that Deep Linking is the way to earn money in Affiliate Marketing.
So what is it?

It's very simple but take a bit more time than simply slapping up a banner or text link.

Here is a text link to
Discover Your Family History

Now here is a deep link into our pages - using the same link but making it fit our needs.
Discover Your Calloway County KY Family History

Whats the big deal - I made this link specifically for researches looking for Callway County Marriage Records and save them just a bit of time by having this link land directly on that search page.

How do you do it- find the page at and copy the URL
Go to and click Get HTML on the text link, any text link will do, click Get HTML
In the box that comes up - place the link in the destination URL and click update code.
Copy the code and Paste int the edit HTML tab on your blog post - update the actual links text in the code so that it say what you would like for it to say.

All Done.
You can do the same thing with an banner ad - or better yet with an image.
You can also redirect the image using the CJ html box so that you use a relevant image - a newspaper, a census image etc. and link that to the deep page of that image on our site.  Beware of copyrights and use appropriately.