Cookies and Code

What is a Cookie?
Click on the link above and you can read what the exact defiinition of a cookie is - or I can simply tell you that if your affiliate link or banner is clicked then for the next 60 days, or whatever the length of your particular affiliate program cookie is - you have that long until the customer buys something and if they do - you get the commission....unless another affiliate banner gets clicked meaning the newer click takes precedence and some other affiliate earns the commission.

Code - When you are working on a site any HTML, Javascript etc. is the 'code' your site is reading to show up correctly on a computer screen.

It will be necessary to work with code even if its just cutting it from and placing it your site or blog - pasting it.

In commission junction I click on GET HTML and see a box pop up.
I then - copy the code and paste it to my site - under the Edit HTML button on blogger in create a new post or create a new page.....Here is my actual Code - pasted here   and if I insert it in the code of the site it becomes the resulting banner.......
<a href="" target="_top">
<img src="" width="125" height="125" alt="Search Historical Newspapers" border="0"/></a>

Search Historical Newspapers

Notice that the code above the banner was simply pasted in the text area of the blog - in order for it to be read correctly by blogger it needed to be added to the HTML of the page - thus the Edit HTML tab above, on the top right, paste and then go back to the compose tab - wholla there is the functioning banner.