Banners are not enough

SO many new affiliates think that simply adding an affiliate banner to your site or blog is affiliate marketing.  Folks if I put a banner right here -

and leave it alone for the next 20 years - its most likely not going to do a darn thing.

So how do you earn the money in affiliate marketing?

Like this.  Just add a bit of context.

Today only by clicking on the banner below get 66% off a yearly subscription to

That's it folks.  Add some relevant context to any link, banner, image and suddenly you can become a profitable affiliate.

Want to see how NOT to do it - there are thousands, okay millions, of banner farms all over the internet and yes occasionally they will grab a sale but believe me it was just dumb luck and they certainly did not earn it - HERE is one such example - see if you can find some companies you know.

Are you doing that to but to a lesser degree?  Banner advertisements on the side of your site is not a crime and actually can add artistically to your site I actually encourage it....but, just adding those couple of banners is not how super affiliates become super.  They become super through constantly showing the value in a product, membership etc.

One super affiliate friend of mine - Jim Kukral - spent years using and demonstrating the Flip Video camera and he certainly did not just slap up a few banners on a generic website.  He blogged, he video blogged, he promoted he spend hundreds if not thousands of hours using the product and no doubt made some good commissions because of it.  Here is just one of his sites. 

So folks if you want to earn some commissions please remember you are the salesperson.  Show the customer the value.  Add some simple context around your adds and it will make a huge difference.

More to come......