Adding a Banner to Blogger

Do you see the little banner on the lower right hand side of this blog - it looks like this one....
Well - It was no small task to get it there.
You have to alter the code of the blog's template in order to have it appear in just the right place.
And to be honest I will be creating a new size just to look better on this site - such requests to affiliate managers are common - some sites/blogs just need a custom size and I am happy to create that for you if you will just ask.

How to place the banner there - In your blogger account click on Design - Edit HTML and yes, it is recommended that you make a back up copy - as explained once on that page - its just a simple click of a button.

Before you start this remember you and I are not coders but we can alter code through trial and error. 

Determine where you want the banner to show up - I want mine to appear just below the 'Share It' section in the right hand column of the blog.
Within the HTML code search for 'Share It'  Hint - place your cursor in the HTML code, anywhere, then click ctrl F for find and search for Share It

Once you find that text now you will want to watch for and ending point to that section of code - mine ends with /div  and tells me that is the end of that section.
Now we are essentially going to trick Blogger into showing our ad where it was not meant to be show - we alter the code.   Have your code ready from the copy and paste section of Get HTML  now past that code into the right spot - mine goes here....

In this image you will notice many things.  This is actual code - don't get scared - you can use the Preview Button each time you try out the placement of your code and if it breaks as it did several times for me you just go back clear the code where you placed it and try again with another preview - NEVER save until you have previewed and you are sure it is working as you wish.  Even then you can still go in and find the code - remove it - and all should go back to normal.  If not - simply reapply the template.

Notice in the code above that the widgets start end end with
</b:widget>  the end of the Twitter Widget and then the beginning of the new one.
We simply place our CJ code into the code at the right spot as seen above.

Give it a try - its not going to break anything - permanently at least.

Let me know if you need some help or clarification.