About Me

I have been heavily involved in affiliate marketing, lead generation, SEO and all types of online marketing for over ten years.

I have seen what it takes to be successful as an affiliate and have created my own successful Education Lead Generation company.  I love affiliates and affiliate marketing - though I don't like the fly by night companies and affiliates that game the system.

I have created this blog/site as a way to show some of the answers to the most commonly asked questions.  This blog took literally minutes to build - its the content and the constant updates that take the time - but can be done in just a few minutes per day.  That's what I am here to show to genealogists around the world.

Genealogists generally speaking have a unique niche, surname set, locality, time period etc. for which they are true experts.  Many of you have blogs while many don't.  If you don't share what you know sorry to say but it may just die with you when you pass on.  As a BYU Alumni with a degree in Family History/Spanish Emphasis I can't help but encourage you to put your knowledge up on the web and as you do so go ahead and earn some money while you're at it.  Whatever knowledge you have you can tie into the relevant pages at WorldVitalRecords.com  FamilyLink.com Ancestry.com and more.  As you tie in - tie in with affiliate links and you will earn money.  This site will show you some of the easy ways this can be done.

If you have any questions/suggestions on themes to discuss please send them my way.