Thursday, November 14, 2013

MyHeritage Record Extraction for many people at the same time

There is exciting news from MyHeritage today (I work for MyHeritage - but this is my own post because I am really excited about this new feature and how it will help me in my own work. I was not asked by MyHeritage to write this-these are my own words).  

Now not only does Record Matching find records while you snooze soundly they also allow you to extract the info from matching records to not just one individual but to many.  When you have Mormon roots like I do you have large families in your tree - so this is truly a huge time saver.

For years I have had a tree in dire need of more sources - now I can source those 5, 10, 15 or more individuals at a time.

The picture here shows it just right - one record - many people - now you can tie it to all of them.

I decided to give this a try with a family in the 1900 census.  It was very easy.  I pulled up a record match under the 1900 census category.  I confirmed the match and the extraction screen came up.  There I saw not only the individual I had found but the full family.  I scrolled to the bottom of the screen and clicked the button - Extract all info for all people above.  

That's it.  I just added the census record, data, and actual census image to the entire family!

In just a couple minutes I added census records to dozens of individuals in my tree.  At this rate my tree will be properly sourced with plenty of records and finally be a tree I will be proud to show off.

Read more about this new feature on the MyHeritage Blog.

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