Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Google Plus Galaxy - no invite required - Hangouts go Mobile and much more

The announcements today from Google regarding Google Plus are really amazing for what they can do to the world of genealogy as well as many other fields.

To fully understand the vast improvements that have been made you really have to experiment with the new features in your Google Plus account.

I've often been asked if Google Plus is a FaceBook killer and I've said they are completely different because of all the integration that will come with time to Google+. That time has come and the enhancements are very high tech and Google Plus and Facebook are now in two different Galaxies. The Google Plus Galaxy is a whole sphere in online collaboration.

Google Plus itself is now open to the world with no invite. At the recent FGS Conference many genealogy hobbyist voiced their frustration at not being invited to G+ that wait is now over.

As I am mostly involved in Google Hangouts having created the Longest Hangout 63 Days ago I will tell you that Goolge certainly listened to our feedback and suggestions and the improvements/addition made are very good.

I don't have time now to go into all those improvements but I would encourage you to read this post to understand them and then let your imagination go wild with ideas. Online collaboration in the Genealogy World just to a massive step forward. I am very excited to start implementing these changes and interacting on a much more personal level with people around the world regarding Genealogy, Affiliate Marketing and many other topics.