Tuesday, September 6, 2011

FGS and other conferences

The FGS conference in Springfield Illinois begins tomorrow.
The first day is geared mostly toward societies and their members - Thursday, Friday and Saturday are for the rest of us who are seeking to learn more about genealogy in general and our specific niche interests in particular.

I will be fortunate to attend the FGS event as part of my role as Online Marketing Manager of FamilyLink.com but realize there are no doubt hundreds if not thousands of genealogists who would like to attend and can not for whatever reason be that time constraints, financial limitations (conferences and their related travel/accommodations are not cheap) or some other reason.

I hope that someday in the not to distant future all conferences will offer the presentations live on their websites at a more manageable cost than it would take to attend the event in person. Having experimented extensively with live streaming of webinars and other events over the past few months I can tell you that for a very limited cost these events can be tailored to not only broadcast to those who can't make it but also bring in those who can not come in person live into a webinar and help them be participants as we all seek to learn more to connect and to discover our family histories.

The day is not yet - but again I hope it won't be not too far off when genealogy conferences will live beyond one convention center and will bless the lives of many.