Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Irish Genealogy Help - last minute

Irish Expert Genealogy friends -

If there are any experts in the Irish niche would you be willing to point me in the right direction on this problem....I have not had time to look into this and am hoping for some direction on the best place to start.

A family friend is looking for this information as she is traveling very soon to Ireland and would like to have more info before leaving.

Sorry for the short notice I am just finding out about this tonight and all I know is what you see below.

Thank you for any help.

Denis McCarthy married Mary Murphy on Feb. 23, 1832 in Killarney, Kerry, Ireland. The records are on film somewhere in Salt Lake, There is a source number 0823804-09 and a print out #0883851, which mean nothing to me. How do I get to this information? Timothy was born in 1877, and married Delia Bradley on Apr. 7, 1901, Herman was born in NYC in 1909, Delia McCarthy Brown was born in NYC in 1938. I am trying to fill in the rest of the clan.

I cannot find enough information about my grandparents (Timothy McCarthy born in 1877 and Delia M Bradley). What I know is that my grandfather was born in Broona. Kerry, Ireland in1877. Father and mother listed as William McCarthy and Hanna Murphy -- batch 006311.

Grandmother Delia M Bradley parents Manis and Ellen Horgan. Married Timothy McCarthy on April 7, 1901 in Manhattan, NY. Batch M004847.

Denis McCarthy and Mary Murphy https://www.familysearch.org/s/search/index/record-search-advanced#searchType=records&filtered=false&fed=true&collectionId=&advanced=true&givenName=Denis&surname=McCarthy&eventLocation=Killarney%2C+Kerry%2C+Ireland&eventYearFrom=1825&eventYearTo=1835 <https://www.familysearch.org/s/search/index/record-search-advanced#searchType=records&filtered=false&fed=true&collectionId=&advanced=true&givenName=Denis&surname=McCarthy&eventLocation=Killarney%252C+Kerry%252C+Ireland&eventYearFrom=1825&e>