Tuesday, July 26, 2011

BYU Family History Conference

The BYU Family History conference kicked off today.
I was not able to stay the entire time but I was able to connect with George and Peggy Ryskamp again after nearly five years of not having seen them. They are a real blessing to the world of
Genealogy. I was also passing out chocolates and met many genealogists with a sweet tooth.

I continue to engage people from around the world in our Longest Hangout Marathon.
It is now nearly self-sustaining meaning people are finding it on their own and coming in to network etc..

I am excited about the future I see via this new medium for the world of Family History and Genealogy.

Just wanted to make a quick post so that my blog does not die.....

Here is a picture of Michael Dell stopping by for a chat at the hangout - it is simply amazing how fast and how widely we can now connect!