Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Memories - Living Genealogy

I can't stress enough how important it is to recognize genealogy is living Family History. The 4th of July weekend was time for a Higham Family Reunion for my Mom's side and me and my family of course since we are part of her line. The Genealogy portion is very interesting, Genealogy being the study of those who have gone on before, but those of us still living and may soon be dead, some of those at the reunion where in the upper 80s and 90s and may soon pass from the living side to the genealogy side. I don't think we need to wait to start recording memories until our old age. Instead we should create a blog - records our memories including dates, people, places, events now even when relativley young. You never know when your time will come.

As part of the recording process I will say that we had a great reunion with many fun times with cousins, great uncles, aunts and our own family.

After the reunion I spent many hours on the ponds behind our home in Lehi with my two sons fishing for huge carp, we would not eat them, but did not have any luck. We had a great time climbing around an island and stomping through the mud.

We then went to see the 4th of July Fireworks put on by the city of Pleasant Grove. They were great! Being a rather small city they have in the past put on their own display. We went there two years ago and some thing did not go very well. They had a couple fireworks launch into the crowd and a fire or two. I talked to a police office last night who told me this year the decided to play it safe and hired some professionals to put on the show. They did a great job! The fireworks lasted for 30 minutes or so and just kept getting better and better.

After that we came home and had our own show. It was great fun. The kids started playing around taking pictures with the shutter left open on our camera for about 30 seconds and the result - our name in sparklers. You can't get in better than that for recording your family history!

Blocked from Google+

I still can't get in to Google+ even with a couple invites through the back door that many people discovered but that did not work for long on Friday. Seems they may be having some problems according to a few posts I have seen today. Could be that they found a privacy issue and want to fix it before they go live to the masses.

Here is what I see - blocked - when trying to get in through an invite.