Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Now I Am the Old Man

Over the past few days I have come to a realization that Genealogy is more than just information about my Grandparents, Great Grandparents, and so on.

I have realized.....My dad is getting up there in age as is my mom. I need to send out an email to my family and at the right times we need to start recording the history of my parents. For so many years we have been focused on grandparents my Maternal Grandfather Uriel Leo Higham passed away several years ago and my Paternal Grandmother Rae Stephens Jones Olsen passed away about 4 years ago and the remaining spouses are quickly aging. Many of my cousins Uncles and Aunts and myself have spend countless hours scanning their old photos, doing general genealogy about their lives and writing family histories. I have to imagine that in just a year or two I will not have grandparents but only parents remaining. I am quickly realizing that we have yet to really dive in to the recording of stories from my own parents childhoods etc.

As I realize that I also realize that while I am at it I should also begin gathering information on my own upbringing. That's a scary thought - I have never really thought that Mark Olsen would someday be the focus of the genealogy just the ancestors that proceeded me. Now I have to start thinking of my own posterity.

I like to tell stories to the kids at night - many of them are crazy stories I make up about 'slimy the worm' yes, crazy I know but we've been telling them for years. But the kids also often requests stories about my mission to Argentina. I guess its time I start recording them but especially that I start recording the stories of my parents lives.

Getting Old.