Monday, June 6, 2011

SCGS11 Jamboree and other conferences

If you have ever considered attending a genealogy conference to heighten your genealogy skills and meet new folks engaged in the same hobby/career a genealogy conference such as the Jamboree happening at the end of the week in Burbank California is a great place to go to do just that.

I attended my first genealogy conference in 2003 while attending BYU Family History courses and was amazed, and continue to be amazed at what a big show was put on at the different venues I attended. From the looks of last year's Jamboree conferences registration party video this one will be no different.

As you can see here - genealogy conferences are no small ordeal.

I have now attended conferences in Sacramento, CA, Salt Lake City, Boston a couple of times, Charleston SC and others. These events never cease to amaze me at all the expertise and knowledge that are there on the floor. From professional bloggers like Dick Eastman, to industry insiders such as the Ancestry Insider and countless professional experts like Kory Meyerink, Thomas MacEntee, Bill Dollarhide and countless others these are the true experts in the field. Together they gather to teach classes that will help you cut out much of the ramp up time for a particular area, problem, etc.

Whether you have been researching for one week or one decade there is always a class for you. From the beginner who needs all the information she can get to the expert who just needs a little nudge to get through that next brick wall - there is truly something for everyone.

Having traveled physically and virtually to libraries and archives both in the US, Mexico, South American and Europe I can tell you there is nothing better than finding that source that solidifies a relationship - that opens new doors that shows you pictures of relatives you did not know you had.

If you are involved in genealogy I encourage you to attend a conference and once you do you will be just as amazed as I am each time I enter the doors where all genealogists and family historians can come together - share their knowledge and go out and find even more about their past.

If you have had the desire to dive into family history but just can't seem to muster the courage - dive into a show - the energy and the knowledge will both rub of on you and you'll soon find yourself glued to your computer with a new pastime that will make you a better person.

Oh - and while your at it - blog about it - share your adventure so that we can all go along for the ride with you.