Friday, June 3, 2011

Blogging on the go

While you are at #SCGS jamboree next week you can blog as you go from your phone.

Just go to blogger and mobile.....and create an email as well as a mobile phone profile and you can quickly blog on the go as I have just done with this post.

How to search for relatives mentioned in Blogs

Climbing my Family Tree has a great tip about searching Blogs for genealogy answers today.

I tried doing the specific search they said and quickly found myself on Facebook on a group page for the Higham family name. Higham is my Mother's Maiden Name.

I have often discussed SEO or Search Engine Optimization here - this is simply the opposite of that - finding those keywords in the blogs you are writting. If my keywork is Uriel Leo Higham - my Grandpa who passes away a few years ago or his dad my great Grandpa Uriel Leo Higham Sr. then those are my specific keywords.

To find those via google on this blog post I simply follow the tips given about blog searching today from Climbing my Family Tree and wind up seeing more specific results than I would have found through a normal web search.

Another tip - Search in the same way the images and video search available from Google.
Again I rather quickly find images for both Uriel Leo Higham Sr. and Uriel Leo Higham Jr.

Here is a shot of my Great Grandfather and family as found on the web.