Thursday, May 26, 2011 Special Memorial Day Banners Loaded to

Affiliates - I have loaded some new banners into and have replaced your standard banners already up on your pages for this offer. If your banner image did not update and you have a special size please let me know and I can arrange for a replacement image and link.

New affiliates - don't have a clue what I am talking about? Let me explain.

A banner ad is simply an image with a link to a landing page or even a link directly into a shopping card with preloaded memberships or products.

Generally we have banners promoting our standard memberships and pricing. During holidays such as Memorial Day and any time we feel we need a promotion I can simply replace the hosted image from my side and without you lifting a finger the banner you have posted to your site is updated to that of our promotion. This is very good for you because it keeps your Blog/Site updated with the most current offer.

However, a banner change alone is not really enough to create sales. TEXT is king in affiliate marketing - well, its at least a prince. Banners can not really explain what I can say here such as this if I was an affiliate.

Hello my readers - Hope you are having a great Thursday. I have just been informed that is having a SPECIAL OFFER of just $39.95 for an Annual Membership. This is a great price as it normally sales for $119 for an Annual Membership. Hop on over there
now and get this deal while it lasts!

Doing this you can tell your readers so much more and simply insert the text link within the text. You can either download a text link from or simply insert a link within your text. As explained on the Banners Are Not Enough Tab.

Doing this is the way to truly become engaged in the Affiliate World. Banners alone sitting unchanged month after month are not enough.
Update - example - If you'll click on the Banners are not enough link above you'll see that even those banners have updated with this special offer.