Monday, October 24, 2011

Going Virtual

Yesterday Dick Eastman wrote a post about going paperless.

One particular aspect really made me think.

I have often had the desire to go paperless. In so doing I have not had a lot of sucess because the bottom line is sometimes its just easier to pull out a book, journal, bill etc. than to have to try to remember where it is located in my messy file system of a computer.

Search - If I were to going completly virtual I would need to be fully optimized for search.
Meaning that if I were to add search text to each photo, document, bill etc. then it become highly effective.

I have a smart phone and becuase it cost over $400 I decided to invest $30 or so in a clear screen protector.

The screen protector company guarantees that plastic covering for life - and they guarantee to replace it for five bucks if I ever have to replace the phone with them same model for warranty repairs etc. T

The other day I needed to replace it and had taken a picture on my cell phone of the receipt. Since my smart phone has also become my camera of choice I have hundreds of pictures in my photo file folders on my phone.hey also replace it for $5 if the protector fails in any way - fading - ripples - rips etc.
Rarely can I quickly find the exact image I am looking for.

Knowing this I emailed myself a copy of the 'Smart Phone Clear Protector Receipt"
Using those keywords I typed in receipt while the clear protector guy waited and within a few seconds pulled up the email, the attached photo in my smart phone gmail account and Five dollars later had a newly covered phone.

The bottom line here is that yes you can go fully digital but just as when you lose a receipt amoungst thousands of other receipts bills etc. all shoved in a large filing cabinet the exact same thing can happen when you misplace a virtual receipt. Just as its important to have an effective filing system in real life so it is when you have a virtual filing system.

Lesson for me - I need to go in to all my computers, hard drives etc. - create order from chaos and move on from there.
I better start working on this soon.

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