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Irish Genealogy Help - last minute

Irish Expert Genealogy friends -

If there are any experts in the Irish niche would you be willing to point me in the right direction on this problem....I have not had time to look into this and am hoping for some direction on the best place to start.

A family friend is looking for this information as she is traveling very soon to Ireland and would like to have more info before leaving.

Sorry for the short notice I am just finding out about this tonight and all I know is what you see below.

Thank you for any help.

Denis McCarthy married Mary Murphy on Feb. 23, 1832 in Killarney, Kerry, Ireland. The records are on film somewhere in Salt Lake, There is a source number 0823804-09 and a print out #0883851, which mean nothing to me. How do I get to this information? Timothy was born in 1877, and married Delia Bradley on Apr. 7, 1901, Herman was born in NYC in 1909, Delia McCarthy Brown was born in NYC in 1938. I am trying to fill in the rest of the clan.

I cannot find enough information about my grandparents (Timothy McCarthy born in 1877 and Delia M Bradley). What I know is that my grandfather was born in Broona. Kerry, Ireland in1877. Father and mother listed as William McCarthy and Hanna Murphy -- batch 006311.

Grandmother Delia M Bradley parents Manis and Ellen Horgan. Married Timothy McCarthy on April 7, 1901 in Manhattan, NY. Batch M004847.

Denis McCarthy and Mary Murphy https://www.familysearch.org/s/search/index/record-search-advanced#searchType=records&filtered=false&fed=true&collectionId=&advanced=true&givenName=Denis&surname=McCarthy&eventLocation=Killarney%2C+Kerry%2C+Ireland&eventYearFrom=1825&eventYearTo=1835 <https://www.familysearch.org/s/search/index/record-search-advanced#searchType=records&filtered=false&fed=true&collectionId=&advanced=true&givenName=Denis&surname=McCarthy&eventLocation=Killarney%252C+Kerry%252C+Ireland&eventYearFrom=1825&e>


  1. Mark,

    As a genealogist, you should have been able to tell your friend that the source numbers found on FamilySearch.org correspond to records on film held in LDS Family History Libraries. By going to her local LDS Family History Centre, she can order the films, and thus access these records. All of this information is readily available on the FamilySearch.org site.

    Although you did not indicate if your friend is to land in Shannon or Dublin, you say she is to travel to Ireland very soon; therefore, she may wish to view the Irish records in Dublin, Ireland. The Catholic marriage record of Denis and Mary, 23 February 1832, will be found in the parish registers of Kerry, Ireland in the Diocese of Ardfert. Images of the original parish registers can be accessed on microfilm at the National Library of Ireland on Kildare Street in Dublin (website http://www.nli.ie/en/intro/family-history-introduction.aspx). She can seek assistance at the free Genealogy Assistance Service provided by the library, but they will not pull the records for her. She will have to look through the microfilm of the register of 1832 to find the record herself. Please suggest that she thoroughly read the information on the NLI family history page link I have included above.

    As for the birth record of her grandfather, this falls well within the period of Civil Registration, which began for Catholic BMDs in 1864. She can access these records at the General Register Office at the Irish Life Building, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin. Information about accessing these records can be found at http://www.groireland.ie/research.htm . The reference number given on the LDS site for Timothy McCarthy,
    (v 10-2 p 748), tells her precisely where the record can be found in the year 1877. She will want to bring this number with her. Is her grandmother Irish born? You did not give any indication of that, but if she was, then a search for her record, if it is extant, can also be done here.

    The biggest challenge faced by the Genealogical Advisory Service and the General Register Office in Ireland is overly enthusiastic persons with Irish Ancestors who travel to Ireland in search of information without first doing their homework. The best advice a genealogist or family history researcher can give to a friend is to suggest that they find out as much information as possible from family members first, before they begin their journey overseas. Preparation leads to a more successful trip and far less frustration, both for the researcher and for the persons offering assistance.

    BTW, who is Herman?

  2. Thanks for this great info.

    Yes those are LDS sources we were aware of that.

    The problem here is time - thank you for spending some on this. Just too busy to dive in right now.

    I will pass this along and hope it helps her.



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