Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Death in the Family - an impromptu Family Reunion

My 94 year old Grandfather passed away last week which prompted an impromptu family reunion.

My Grandparents, Eugene Foss Olsen and Rae Stephens Jones, had 6 children including my dad who then had 61 Grandchildren and us grandchildren have now had 178 Great Grandchildren with 1 in the oven and I am sure many many more to come as some marriages are still very new and there are many children yet to be born.

We also just had the first marriage of one of those 178 Great Grandchildren. If each of them has 3 kids that will be 534 Great Great Grandchildren but as we are LDS the average number may be much higher than 3 per family.

I guess I don't really have a point to all this other than my grandparents were so very excited about all their children, grandchildren and great grand children and so we tried really hard to get all of them to come to the funeral yesterday. Not everyone made it - but I would guess that about 90% of us did - it was a huge happy event and a lot of work for those of us that had anything to do with its planning. Because my Grandpa's daughters who get left with the job of sharing heirlooms with the entire family do not live locally this event also included going through the house and making sure everyone has a little treasure by which to remember our grandparents. (Grandma passed away in 2007 - meaning the house is now empty and needs to be sold etc.)

It was amazing to see so many relatives at one time - it was fabulous and a great miracle that we all remain close friends.

We are all a bit worried that now that the grandparents are gone it will be easy to start to lose contact with one another so we are discussing future events already and simple things such as social media and Google Plus (hangouts) to keep in close contact.

We certainly live in a wonderful era when with the click of the mouse we can instantly be in front of each other again. I don't think we have any good excuse to not keep close contact with each other when it is so easy through modern day technology.

Perhaps in the near future part of each family reunion will be a virtual connection for those of us who can't make the trip.......only time will tell.

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  1. I am sorry for your loss. Your worry that your family will lose contact is a valid one. It is so easy for time to slip by. However, you're aware of it which is more than most families can say so maybe that will help you make the effort to stay connected.


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