Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spring Cleaning Outdated Blogs

There is a great post today about revitalizing and outdated blog.

TentBlogger talks about sprucing up your blog and finding your true motivation for writing it in the first place.

If you get tired of keeping up with it - something must be wrong.

I have really enjoyed keeping up with genealogy blogs over the years - the pictures are often the best part and the stories come to life - to me that is true Family History and I love it.


  1. Thanks,

    You have given me a great idea. Can I offer spring cleaning of blogs as part of my cleaning company (he he).

    Only kidding, I do write a blog and you are right, over time they become dated and need to be refreshed (or new posts to provide updated info).



  2. Hi..I just ended up here thinking we were talking about actual cleaning but glad I did as found your advice very interesting actually spring cleaning your blog or site and bringing it up to date. Some sites you go on you can end up wondering if anyone is there so to speak as it may look so out of date and maybe not the living thing that we expect sites and blogs to thanks for the read!! Claire:)

  3. very true, great post very informative and easy to read. I have added this blog to my bookmarks.

  4. I agree. Spring gives me the extra time to get my spring cleaning up on. That includes blog time.

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