Thursday, June 2, 2011

SEO - Focus on niche genealogy keywords as explained by

As we have discussed here in the past today blogged about trying to rank for keywords that make sense to you and your niche genealogy field instead of for example the actual Big Daddy - the keyword 'Genealogy'.

Instead of trying to outrank the likes of and for 'Genealogy' 'Ancestry" and 'Family History' instead focus on such keywords as 'Denmark Genealogy' 'Utah Census' 'Olsen Lineage' or 'Affiliate Genealogy'. Those are much smaller battles to fight and you will such much better - faster results. Keywords are your friend when those are also your genealogy specialties.

Take a look at the blog post from SEO and you will see these are the experts telling you these things now not just the OnlineGenGuy.

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