Thursday, June 2, 2011

Reading Blogs in RSS Readers such As Google Reader and Affiliate Banners

If you are like me and many blog readers when you read a blog you don't type in and actually visit the blog or site every day. Instead you subscribe to the RSS Feed or the content feed of the blog and visit just one site such as Google Reader. At Google Reader you can then search for and add the blogs you follow and then read them when you see a new entry.

This process takes very little time and you can quickly read through - skim over - many blogs all at once throughout the day.

The problem for us bloggers is that although very convenient the result is that many avid readers may never visit our real site.

The big question for affiliates is - How do I get clicks, earn affiliate commissions, if they never come and see my banners? Text links within you blog do show up and function in the readers. Banners within individual posts should also function normally - some readers will not be able to show them.

Ideally what you will do, as I have done, is to add an RSS feed footer. In blogger - simply go to Settings - Site Feed -
There you will need to allow Blog Feeds - yes
and simply paste your banner in the Post Feed Footer Box
Save Setting.

I have just done this and am using this post as a test. (Look at the very end of this post in any reader and you will see one line and a banner ad)

Separately today I saw a great video blog from
Which very quickly shows how to make your blog mobile friendly - which is very important with so many of us using our cell phones so much nowadays.

Enjoy from

Dick Eastman also posted about RSS Readers

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  1. Dick Eastman and I must have been thinking along the same lines when we both posted about RSS Readers yesterday - his blog post is here and a very good read.


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