Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jamboree Recap and Bloggers are not your normal attendees

If you attended the Jamboree no doubt you learned a lot and had a great time. If you attended any class where there were bloggers present I bet you noticed how loud they can be! I was impressed with how different the blogger crowds were - loud - Fun - cat calls - etc.
I attended both of Thomas MacEntee's Blogger Sessions today and they were terrific. The first was geared toward the new bloggers - - putting up a new blog. The second was geared towards the next step - privacy, making money, how often to post and much more. The Panel consisted of some great folks but the one who really stood out and had the crowd in tears was Elyse who is clearly the youngest blogger and has some really funny stories to tell about how she became a blogger.

I was happy to meet with so many of my affiliates as well as so many fellow Tweeters and bloggers.

During the second session today there was a lot of talk about affiliate marketing - it took a lot of self control to not jump up and take the mic. There are a lot of questions along with a lot of misconceptions about affiliate marketing and genealogy - I hope to have more info for you soon on a class or two I will be presenting to teach the way to make money through affiliate links without being a nuisance to your audience.

Hope you all have a great time for the next day and a half in Burbank. I am heading home early for a vacation with the family to Arches. You may want to buy a burger or hot dog at the Marriott before coming to the airport. A personal pan pizza and drink just cost me 18 bucks!

Happy Blogging.


  1. It was nice seeing you at Jamboree!Sorry you had to leave early and missed some of the other fun, but I KNOW you had a great time at the Arches, so beautiful! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I look forward to reading more on yours!

  2. I love attending Jamboree and events for bloggers and affiliate marketers. Attending such events will give you the chance to learn new things. As an seo perth, I need to continue learning to update my knowledge about SEO.


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