Friday, June 3, 2011

How to search for relatives mentioned in Blogs

Climbing my Family Tree has a great tip about searching Blogs for genealogy answers today.

I tried doing the specific search they said and quickly found myself on Facebook on a group page for the Higham family name. Higham is my Mother's Maiden Name.

I have often discussed SEO or Search Engine Optimization here - this is simply the opposite of that - finding those keywords in the blogs you are writting. If my keywork is Uriel Leo Higham - my Grandpa who passes away a few years ago or his dad my great Grandpa Uriel Leo Higham Sr. then those are my specific keywords.

To find those via google on this blog post I simply follow the tips given about blog searching today from Climbing my Family Tree and wind up seeing more specific results than I would have found through a normal web search.

Another tip - Search in the same way the images and video search available from Google.
Again I rather quickly find images for both Uriel Leo Higham Sr. and Uriel Leo Higham Jr.

Here is a shot of my Great Grandfather and family as found on the web.


  1. Using certain search operators to look into websites for relatives on the net is an effective way to trace your roots or keep in touch with them. By the way, is there some sort of database people could visit to search for people and their genealogy?

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  2. Also - have recently been working more with Dan Lynch and he has a great book about using Google to research your tree.

    Also there are other books currently being produced about this - but yes, certainly Google will be an incredible resource as genealogy is done online.


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