Monday, June 20, 2011

Back from Arches

I am back from Arches National Park in Utah and have only one thing to say - don't take a tent you don't want to lose to the wind. I had three tents shredded by a microburst. An RV is the way to go.

I am busy reading your blog posts and looking forward to the next conference at BYU in July.

The Jamboree was terrific - thanks to all who helped put on such a great event.


  1. did you stop by Moab's genealogy building? It is located on South 100 East and Grand Avenue. Practically adjacent to the City Market Grocery store.
    Bring a workshop, retreat to Moab and find meeting spaces on moabutah dotinfo. (you'd mix business with pleasure,right?)

  2. I ended up at City Market Several times but did not get the change to stop by. Thanks for letting me know - maybe next time.

  3. Took Brownie aged Girl Scouts to the Moab genealogy place this week. They are working on a badge, "Listening to the Past". What did they learn?
    One girl found a picture of her grandpa in his highschool yearbook, another learned her grandfather was a private in the military, another learned her grandfather came from Panguitch Utah, another learned her grandpa was drafted but the war stopped. They were excited to go home and tell their families what they learned.


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