Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How and When to get approved into an Affiliate Program

I have talked to many potential affiliates who delay putting up blogs because they think they have to be perfect before they can be considered for an affiliate program.

Your site is ready when you say it is.

How to get APPROVED
  • If you have a blog - simply make the blog look ready - place some posts every day for a week and then you are ready to go.
  • As the Affiliate Manager I understand that I am not always going to get Genealogy sites into my program. This morning I had affiliate applications from a mortgage company, a blog about make up, a software service and more. As long as they are real sites with good content I approve them.
  • The sites I really am hoping to see are sites about personal family history, professional genealogy services etc.
  • I do not expect that every site fits neatly into this genealogy niche.
  • I love seeing the creative blogs - yesterday I had someone apply with some great blogs about current life - American Idol blogs and more - they were great sites and blogs that ran well and were current.

Here are some indicators you won't be approved.....
  • We don't like to approve place holders from Godaddy and other domain registration sites.
  • If you have a one page site with an under construction sign - I would recommend waiting until such time as you have some real content on the site.
  • Offensive Material - if you have text or images that are offensive it is doubtful you will be approved. The last thing we want is for our company banner to end up next to offensive material.

Speaking of current -
As shown here on the Dynamic Content Tab affiliate managers are looking for constantly updated sites.
Your traffic is going to get tired of the same old stuff every day. While you may have a database of content about genealogy you can also have a blog and other source to show your visitors whats new or point them to data that will help them in their research.

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  1. Some people are afraid to start a blog thinking that it should be really great before they post an article. It takes time to be approved into a affiliate program. Gathering people with the same niche is good and its the important thing when you want to increase your target audience. I agree on what you said that a person should be ready before starting a blog rather than hanging it there and say its under construction.

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