Thursday, November 14, 2013

MyHeritage Record Extraction for many people at the same time

There is exciting news from MyHeritage today (I work for MyHeritage - but this is my own post because I am really excited about this new feature and how it will help me in my own work. I was not asked by MyHeritage to write this-these are my own words).  

Now not only does Record Matching find records while you snooze soundly they also allow you to extract the info from matching records to not just one individual but to many.  When you have Mormon roots like I do you have large families in your tree - so this is truly a huge time saver.

For years I have had a tree in dire need of more sources - now I can source those 5, 10, 15 or more individuals at a time.

The picture here shows it just right - one record - many people - now you can tie it to all of them.

I decided to give this a try with a family in the 1900 census.  It was very easy.  I pulled up a record match under the 1900 census category.  I confirmed the match and the extraction screen came up.  There I saw not only the individual I had found but the full family.  I scrolled to the bottom of the screen and clicked the button - Extract all info for all people above.  

That's it.  I just added the census record, data, and actual census image to the entire family!

In just a couple minutes I added census records to dozens of individuals in my tree.  At this rate my tree will be properly sourced with plenty of records and finally be a tree I will be proud to show off.

Read more about this new feature on the MyHeritage Blog.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Genealogy Automation

I have been amazed at what has happened over the past year or so as MyHeritage, the company I work for, has taken genealogy record finding to the next level. MyHeritage Record Matching has automated the process of finding records and attaching them as sourced documents.

 In the past there have been many companies offering suggestions of records that may match your needs. With Record Matching these are no longer suggestions - they are almost certainly for a record that matches the people in your tree. The matches are not 100% sure - but they are very close with 98% or more being the most common reply I get when asking any source how accurate are their matches - many in fact tell me 100% It is really a privilege to watch as I receive more record matches that prove the matches are getting even more powerful.

 The most recent findings have been for people where the name in the tree and the name in the record vary greatly - yet there it is - another great match. Someone may have spelled it wrong in the tree - but all the places, dates and other facts line up and a match it is indeed. I have recently attended the BYU family history conference and will soon leave for FGS in Fort Wayne Indiana. I look forward to spending time in the booth showing off and teaching this amazing technology. Its very exciting to see these great advances making genealogy more automated.

I have run into many people who love to do the searching - still as seasoned and professional genealogist they are just floored to see what technology can find for them that they have missed over many decades of searching.

These new advancements make it much easier for casual genealogists to find great records while also allowing the hard core experts to expand their sources as well. Lake Tahoe and a little Olsen

Monday, October 31, 2011

Trunk or Treating - Happy Halloween

For Halloween this year we thought we'd take trunk or treating to the next level.

After many hours spent taping black weed barrier type sheeting all over our minivan we had an acceptable micro haunted house. To make it more appealing we added a tent to the back of our van and tada we had an award winning, according to our local church, haunted house.

The adults thought it was creative.
The teens thought it was cool.

The smallest kids thought it was perfect - whats better than being able to see the end from the beginning of a haunted house. Only two or three of a hundred or so little ghouls refused to enter.
One little girl with downs syndrome feel in love with it and went in and out for more than an hour. It was very fun to watch her at the fun but spooky ghosts and zombies.

We won the award for the best trunk - I think we kind of cheated.

On another note regarding Halloween I found a very unique Halloween Memorial at a local cemetery and wrote about it for the Deseret News in Utah. It was very rewarding to help the parents of this little boy spread their message of making good happen from his tragic death. As genealogists we are involved in a great work of helping people find their past and helping to keep it alive.